Our Story


To be honest - I'm not a fan of writing long stories, so I'll keep mine short and sweet.

I love designing. I've been designing for years. We, (Ewen and I) love to tailor products - and with that - we both wanted all the things that I design to speak for something of real value, of faith in God and with the mission that where two or more are gathered, they can make a big difference to others.

Hello Bespoke2.

Our online store where anything you buy from us - be it a print, new gift or a designer product - know that part of the proceeds of each item go to helping "greater good" causes across the globe.

We know giving is good for the soul. There are so many of you out there that love to give. I do too - and it was soooo hard finding unique, on trend, quality gifts that I could give to my girlfriends, family or even my kids. That was really important to me. So here you will find inspirational and personalised - custom gifts that not only look great, but are thoughtful, designed to encourage, edify and uplift and they also give back to a cause or mission. This helps others with much needed provisions in life, while ministering truth, love, hope and the message of salvation from the Word of God.

Thank you so much for supporting our passion and our mission. 

We believe in giving joyfully.


Christine Maxwell