Yikes! Our First Blog Post

Written by Christine Maxwell


Posted on August 19 2014

As I'm writing this, I've come to the realisation that this is actually happening. The website, it's products and even custom services we've been working so hard for, is finally coming online in one hub for all to see. 

Hey, my name is Christine and I'm the big wig behind Bespoke2 (seriously - I have a lot of hair :). If you're into a bit of social media (and we hope you are), check out our Instagram and Facebook page and you'll see we launched Bespoke2 socially with a video of me - appearing all confident and controlled (some may even say serious). We filmed it in one of my favourite forests, with my young little rascals running around in the background making crazy noises. We were pretty pleased with the lovely tweets of birds that drowned out any little noises you would have heard and thankfully Instagram only gives you 15secs for a video.

As we further develop our store online, you'll be seeing more tips, ideas and even more videos of our eldest son - we are calling him our "B2 Boy". He's a Facebook regular on Monday's, as he announces the winner of the FREE FRIDAY GIVEAWAYS that we put together. Nothing like building up a kid's confidence for the world to see - and cheap talent too :). He really gets very excited and rushes home after school to let me know how he wants to do in the video announcement. "I've got ideas mama"... This happens every Monday - so be sure to check out and like our page - he's getting sillier (but we think cuter), and how he might next read out your name is a mystery to us all.

Yikes! Our First Blog Post

A little background to Bespoke2. We kept our story short and sweet on our site, but here's a slightly more extended personal version. 

As a designer (of 17 years), I love the design principle that form follows function. As a spirit filled Christian (of 27 years), I love the idea that God's word, his Spirit and his comfort provides a blessed assurance in my life and those around me. As a loving wife, mama, soul sista and friend, I love to give and share (wishful thinking, but I’m not telling you my age ;) ).

Put all that in a melting pot of goodness and you get Bespoke2. It's my passion that people know the hope that is in Christ and can have daily reminders and gifts that can encourage fruitful conversations and provide a feeling of happiness. It all sounds corny sometimes when you say it out loud, but my faith, altruistic works and coming to the knowledge of God, does just that. I feel truly thankful and blessed that there are so many stories that I've heard already, of how a print or even a tea towel has lifted the spirits of a friend or started an enlightened conversation that needed to be had with a family member. I love Authenticity. I love people and things that are real. I love thoughtful, designer gifts with lots of meaning. There is a lot of love in those few sentences - but hey - I said I like to share :)

Everything you will see on our site is faithfully designed for a cause. Whether it be a church mission fund, charity or a particular social cause, let us know if you would like us to support it. We love to raise the awareness of social causes, and having worked with many marketing, pr consultants and major marketing campaigns, I can guarantee our efforts won’t go a miss. 

Having a business that donates part of its proceeds to causes, missions and the like, providing designer gifts that won’t break your budget and marketing unique niche products with a Christian premise can be a difficult thing - but we are loving the ride! We are also pretty hot on using local resources, suppliers and Australian designers. These are of course extra costs and maintenance that we have to factor in, to give that extra care and fair trade principles that can be so easily dismissed when the end dollar comes to it. I believe, we are giving you the best value. As much as I love exclusivity on products, I fundamentally have the premise to be reasonable in our pricing. I am a believer in quality though, and you will see so many of our products are beautifully printed on luscious paper stocks and we use classic eco materials. It’s just the designer in me to treat you with a little something special.

Yikes! Our First Blog Post

Ok, so I think I’ve ranted a little more than I wanted to but I am going to just end with some #happygiving. You’re going to love seeing this hashtag come up in every marketing promo we put out there -.- But to be honest, it’s actually part of my core belief. The scriptures talk about having your Joy be Full in God and I’m a Greek bearing wonderful gifts - so I’m just mixing the two and making it my own. 

Seriously though (and I can be serious), I love what I do. I've always loved designing, branding, marketing, making, watching documentaries, listening to people’s ideas, championing causes and missions, helping in church and most of all being a loving and creative wife, mama and friend. I’m going to take this opportunity now to say thank you for your support. For actually reading this and for the love I have been getting to date with the designer gifts I have created. I also won’t miss thanking my devoted husband and close family and friends - you guys rock my world and have always had my back. And - not to get all Academy Awards on you - but I am always grateful to God. The most awesome, inspiring and influential designer in my life, who I am proud to have as the backbone of my joy, provision and guidance.

Enjoy the journey with me guys and wait for it ... #happygiving!

Yikes! Our First Blog Post

Yikes! Our First Blog Post



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