Why you shouldn't ignore Soul Sista's

Written by Christine Maxwell


Posted on March 13 2015

So you’ve met them right? That cool group of women in your life who make your journey so much sweeter and so much more enjoyable.

You know, that crew that you just bond with. Sista’s who get you - who speak your same language.

Or have you met them?

What if I told you about a group of young women who are there to give you spiritual confidence in your walk with Christ?

Have you heard of the Soul Sista’s and their camps?
Run by a small group of awesome women, these weekend events are here to highlight the power of encouragement, sisterhood in Christ and a whole lotta fun!

They say how others make you feel says a lot about you. Well let me just start by saying, this (I hope) will make you feel welcomed, inspirited, not to be ignored but motivated to book!

Why you shouldn’t ignore Soul Sista’s

This year marked the 10th Anniversary of the Soul Sista (ACT/NSW) weekend camp event and I was delighted that they asked me to design a gift for the girls to signify the celebration.

With the theme “let your light shine” based on the scripture in Mathew 5:14-16 and the opportunity to play around with ink and lettering - this was a fun job to say the least. But before I talk any further about the beautiful designer scarf that was created for these great girls, I’d love to introduce you to Heidii - (one of the Co-Founders and organiser of the Soul Sista’s + ACT/NSW Weekend Camps). Here’s what she had to say.

Why you shouldn’t ignore Soul Sista’s
Co Founder Heidii (special mention to the other Co Founders Justine, Misty and Tamsyn:)

A Soul Sista history in a very large nutshell ; )

Well as we all know, put a group of women together with passion and purpose and they become a force to be reckoned with.

This was the case 10 years ago when I was at a church playgroup with my baby daughter. As a group of young mothers we were talking about how we could see the young teenage girls in our church distancing themselves. The only way we could figure to bridge the gap was to create a space where we could be ourselves, laugh and encourage each other, away from outside influences. To remind our young and impressionable girls that there are real friendships to be had and we had something to offer them. Despite the enticing glitter of the world and different stages our lives were in, it didn't mean we couldn't understand their struggles and share some wisdom gleaned from God along the way. With the Lords Spirit to bind us, strong friendships could begin and real connections made.

The first Soul Sista camp was in 2006. I had never laughed so much in my life! It was a great success and 10 years later has only increased in support and numbers. I find that women with a true heart for the Lord, living a spirit-led life need little prompting to share and encourage each other. We are the natural communicators after all. Our ages begin at 16 and end at the young at heart. Soul Sista Camps are quite active, set in the beautiful bush land of Attunga in Canyonleigh, New South Wales. The activities can vary from raft building to harnessing up and taking a ‘leap of faith’ from a 13 meter drop off the Power Fan, to relaxing in the spa or pool, horse riding and add the Lords encouragement, a sprinkle of silliness and laughter.. You have a winning combination! I must admit I’ve never jumped off the Power Fan but am happy leaving that to my more adventurous sista’s ; )

Why you shouldn’t ignore Soul Sista’s
Team Sport Fun!

Why you shouldn’t ignore Soul Sista’s
The ACT/NSW Soul Sista Group 

Why you shouldn’t ignore Soul Sista’s
A fun Medieval dress up night 

Soul Sista’s camp is about being a Titus 2 (:3-5) woman. Encouraging each other, sharing testimonies and forging strong friendships. It takes a team of ladies to make this camp what it is and the support we have received from the Pastors in our region has been a wonderful blessing. It is a great camp to bring friends to, a gentle introduction to our church where they can hear the life stories of women and see for themselves in a relaxed, fun environment the love of God working in a tangible way in our lives.

Why you shouldn’t ignore Soul Sista’s

We knew we needed something special to commemorate our 10 yr anniversary. When Christine from Bespoke2 took the challenge to create a scarf for us, we were thrilled. The design is so lovely and light, the perfect compliment to our camp.

--------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Heidii ------------------------------------------------------------------

Why you shouldn’t ignore Soul Sista’s

These scarves are not only a gorgeous keepsake, but make great birthday or encouragement gifts, so I decided to screen print a few extra’s. As a big fan of these types of events, I also decided to do a few Soul Sista Packs that include Free Shipping within Australia. Get in quick and grab yours now as there is very limited stock!

Not only was it great to support such an event in the gift giving department, but I love how many of these women are brave enough to start conversations that matter at these camps. Here are a just a few more quotes from the women that told me about their Soul Sista camp experience.

I have been to 9 out of 10 of these camps. It is a wonderful place for Sistas to get together and have some fun, learn about God and grow closer together. The benefit of these camps is a bond is formed that deepens over the years and we are Titus 2 women, sharing the Lord's love one with another! We are constantly topped up and renewed, uplifted and inspired.  So to sum it up, Soul Sistas is about sharing God's word, encouraging one another and having fun!  Susie

The thing that stands out for me about these weekends is having a place to get away from distractions - a retreat if you will. And it's a brilliant way to form and nurture long-lasting relationships with other sisters in Christ. Stacy

I have been to three soul sistas camps and have absolutely loved all of them. It is so great to take time out, away from everything else and connect with other daughters of God. In three words this camp is enriching, uplifting and super-fun. Kelly

Soul Sistas is for me a time to step away from our day to day lives and come together with likeminded ladies, to fully focus on what is really the core of our lives- the Lord. I am encouraged, uplifted and thankful for my beautiful sisters. Cynthia

I think summing up the 10th Anniversary Soul Sistas weekend in a few words, would be that we are the light of the world. Keep our lamps topped up with oil (Matthew 25). How can we shine and be that light for others? Shirley

So to spark you enthusiasm even more -  there is another event coming up in Queensland, Friday 17th-Sunday 19th July 2015.

Contact Natalie at to find out the upcoming details.

Go on, take that step and book in a Soul Sista’s weekend event (and bring your girlfriends) and your future self will thank you for it!


Why you shouldn’t ignore Soul Sista’s



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    What a great opportunity for sistas to gain more confidence both socially and spiritually. Sounds like an extremely rewarding camp!

    Posted by Sophie | March 13, 2015
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