Make up with a mission

Written by Christine Maxwell


Posted on July 07 2015


Make up with a mission

Meet Larissa. A curly haired, beautiful brunette who oozes style, sophistication and spirit. She calls herself the beauty heartist and a big artistic heart she most certainly has.

I have seen her take her make up business from international hair and fashion shows and parades to fantastic editorial shoots and wedding makeup wonder.

Make up with a mission
From Forward fashion shows and parades to timely tips and tricks for women to use.

Make up with a mission
Bringing out more inner beauty with weddings and model shoots

What I love about what Larissa focusses on now, is her deep passion to help young girls and women with their self esteem. She combines her Counselling degree with her brilliant make up artistry skill set and teaches them the value of make up and how just some simple steps and tips can aid in developing confidence in their appearance. And it works. I can personally attest to this, as I have participated in her make up workshops. Her warm nature, care and consideration for other is reflected in how she individually approaches each of her clients and their current situation and needs. So refreshing and fun. She is so down to earth in an industry that shouts pretension and perfection!

Make up with a mission
Makeup shopping for underprivileged young girls.

Make up with a mission
School make up workshops not only bring a smile to the students but the teachers get to play and join in the fun too.

So with confidence, charisma and character here are some of Larissa’s answers to the questions I asked her:

What three valuable pieces of advice have you have received or would give to someone trying to decide what it is it they love to do for a living?

1. I believe we need to have the courage to follow what we are passionate about and never give up,heart I find most Christians feel bad asking God for things, especially materialistic things. However,it says in the bible ask and you shall receive, so I ask a lot. It took me a long time to work out what I wanted to do and I have worked many different jobs, which I can honestly say have helped me get closer to identifying my mission in life. So just start somewhere and see where it goes, instead of just thinking about it. Take that step of faith and see what God will do for you.

2. Follow your instincts no matter what people say and how ridiculous your ideas sound. Don’t leave this earth with regrets, even if you have other commitments, start your dream part-time and build it up.

3. Work smart having a balanced lifestyle is so important for our spirit, body and mind, instead of working towards burnout. I’ve met a few business people that look like the walking dead because they have let their dreams consume them completely and they live to work. God wants us to live a blessed life which means we need to enjoy all aspects of it. It’s definitely not easy doing what I love to do, but I re-evaluate my choices every few months and when I know that I still don’t have regrets, then I know I’m on a home-run.

Make up with a mission
One on one or sisterly combo’s. Larissa’s women make up workshops work wonders!

What is the key scripture that keeps you going day to day in pursuing what you love to do for a living?

I’m the type of person that talks to God all day every day. A couple of scriptures that really gave me the courage to step out in faith was sent to me through a friend and it was like God had told her that I needed to hear this.

Proverbs 14:15 NKJV - The prudent (wise) considers well his steps.

Isaiah 43:4-5 NKJV  - Fear not, for I am with you...

I love these scriptures so much that I’ve added it to my daily calendar alert. They constantly reminded me to live a supernatural life that isn’t mundane but one that is full of adventure and new discoveries. I have found living like this really helps me to understand who God is and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you Larissa! It goes to show that you can be motivated with modesty and take care of your outward appearance without neglecting your inner spiritual life. There is so much beauty in the balance of things!

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Check out Larissa further online as she daily posts about make up tips, styling, she’s got some great little video’s and showcases the lives of beautiful girls and women who have been transformed with her skill, positivity and energy through her make up artistry.


Instagram: @larissajonesbeautyheartist



Blessings and success

Make up with a mission



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